Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finished (for now) painting

Phew. That sure took a long time to finish. (took a week and a half break though). Learned a lot of new techniques during this time. Very satisfying to actually apply something new. (In this piece i used a bump map textureing on the shoe. learned from

Also learned how to make realistic looking water.

Used photoshop CS2 and painter ix.5 (The watercolor brush for the deamon werewulf on the left side.)
The demon in relief behind O'connell just awoke from a mental slumber, and the kid is about to turn into the demon, (All because he is giving on to his anger) His shirt says "never give in" He has a spiritman/shaman/druidic ability that allows him to became certain creatures he has defeated. Some condition must be met. Some of the souls attach to him, and whisper incessantly for him to get angry of pissed off. (Note, he is a good guy, almost all the souls lached to him are not, this leads to some difficulties.) More of the story is in development by me, for my little brothers. it sure is fun


Josh Keele said...

Wow, I love this one. Well done. I can till you spent a lot of time on this. I like the composition. The bump map turned out looking nice. And love all your creatures.

Gidgiddoni said...

Thanks Josh. It sure did take a long time. Creatures are difficult to come up with, to be realish, but cool.

teancum said...

Freaking crap, you are an awesome drawer. I almost don't know how you do it. This painting is so amazing, and you being able to concentrate on one drawing for a week. I really like all the creatures that you made up, (and the story for it).