Monday, September 24, 2007


The game Colosus for the PS2 is an amazing game. Beautiful landscapes, wonderful music, enjoyable to play, amazing to just watch. This is an attempt of mine to make a colosus. Older, learning to use photoshop. (still have not mastered).

Sunday, September 23, 2007

First try

Here goes nothing. I have a couple of friends who have blogspot sites, and my buddy keele talked me into starting up a blog. So here it is. Not much, but Keele and i are going to have atleast a weekly posting of new sketches at such to make sure we are practicing our drawing skills. I would like to illustrate, but i have along way to go. (I am a physics major first).

This is a land shark, an idea i first heard from a friend of mine named morgan.
Here is the line art and an attempted coloring of my version of a Land shark.
Front heavy, it charges forward at incredible speed.
His only armour is the bracers on his arms, enemies have at best only one chance
of strikeing the Land shark, so he blocks the feeble attacks, and Bites of the faces
of his foes.