Monday, January 7, 2013

Thus is the demise of a blog.  Years will pass between posts.  Well, I've been through a number of different skills trying to learn them, from programing with ActionScript3 to the most recent, learning to sculpt digitally.  Started in Sculptris and finally repainted in Zbrush, here is my very first digital sculpt.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Started a Business

Starting a business is a fantastic yet energy intensive endeavor .  Hasn't yet been 2 months and we are close to being in the black.  We started discussing the business over a year ago and got the name in May.  My cousin Tyler is an amazing driving force and we been able to do some amazing things.  Check out our website (still in the workshop but it is up) at and let me know what you think.  We been doing a lot of stuff and I'll tell more when I've got some time to breathe.
  Word of advice, use your own genius and hard work to make what you love happen.  Serve people and provide a solution to need and you'll be amazed at what can be accomplished.

Until next time

*Update*  The company failed when the market near collapse at the turn of the year.  Was that a learning experience.  

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

new work

Blogs are definitely not on my normal to do list. However it seems a shame to let it lie fallow.
Here are a few examples of recent work I have done. Concept work a few short films. And a technical illustration. Work done in photoshop and illustrator.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Page 3

Just a continuation page. It seems to be more difficult to draw the back of the heads than a 3/4 view. Just wanted to do a simple action page. I wasn't sure how to get the whumph to stand out better without a block of white behind it. I don't want the pacing to be to fast, even though it will get through the story faster, in the beginning I don't want to start off with to much. I find it annoying when to much just happens in the beginning of a story it feels forced, which is why i am try the narrative explanation from the character himself.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Page 2

Coloring the lines takes a whole lot longer than just black and white. I am now certain time is the main issue for the fact manga chapters are mostly in gray tones. Although you can get a rhythm if you cell shade that allows for some time to be shaved off. But when you need to decide on a color scheme it takes longer once again. Anyways, this page introduces Tyler O'connels oldest younger sister. (i finally decided on a first name.) At the present time in the story Tyler is a junior in high school and Gabriella is a sophmore. There are 3 more children in the O'connel household, next are twins, boy and girl, and the littlest sister (not only youngest but very dimunitive). Soon after the start of the story, the older siblings discover they each have a unique variation on the power that tyler has. Their mother is a physisit and their dad was an ambassidor for a time before his children were born, when they moved to a small town in northern Arizona. Now he does a mix of ranch work and high end consulting. Any ways enough of the backround info. I need to figure out some way to have better sceneries without haveing to spend an extra 2 hours or something or another. I think i'll add my rough sketch of the page, to show that there was some changes. And perhaps someone has suggestions for a better concept process?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Graphc novel/Web comic?

I am intrigued by the many web published comics. Graphic novels seem to be a neat way to tell a story, due to the mixing of words and picture to create a feel, movement,
and a particular world. After reading a number of books on the style of comics, of visual representation of stories, I realized that I am woefully unprepared to tackle something
i that vein. Regardless of my short fall in the skill level, here is my stab at a first page for my O'Connel story. (still grasping for a first name).

O'conner character development

I am still working on the story for my brothers, here is an attempt to show O'conner just
prior to a angry change. A buddy of mine comment that the creature is a stereotype, and
that i should do more studies on real animals before I try to make some up. Good plan, that's
what I'll do.